Pregnancy: a timeline of appointments

Here’s a concise timeline to give you a rough estimate of what your appointments will look like during your pregnancy.

It might be hard to think about now, especially if you’re just finding out you’re pregnant, but pregnancy is very much a waiting game. There will be month-long gaps in your prenatal appointments until the third trimester, which can be challenging when you just want to see that sweet baby on one more ultrasound, when you just want that reassurance that baby is developing normally, and when you need some anxieties alleviated.

Those feelings are NORMAL.

It’s hard to not have control over the developments happening inside your body. But you’ll have to trust the process. You can use the time between appointments to work on everything within your control, like preparing for baby’s homecoming (picking a name, babyproofing, getting your registry together, etc); and be sure to jot down any and all of your questions for your OB, as it’s not uncommon to forget all those questions once you’re there!

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