9 Weeks Pregnant

So you’re nine weeks pregnant…


Now you’re beginning in the second month of pregnancy, and your hCG hormones are at their peak. Your uterus has doubled in size, and your pregnancy symptoms may be their most severe at this time:

  • morning sickness

  • frequent urination

    • With your uterus expanding and more blood flow in the pelvis, expect more trips to the bathroom.

  • headaches

    • Those hormone surges might make your head ache, and it will be made worse from stress, dehydration and lack of sleep. Self care is so important, so be vigilant. Also, check with your doctor before taking medications just to ensure they’re pregnancy-safe.

Baby’s Development

In your ninth week of pregnancy, baby is the size of a cherry! Baby measures about 0.9 inches long and 0.07 ounces.

Some notable changes have taken place in baby, including the disappearance of that embryonic tail. Also, all of baby’s “essential parts” are in place with big developments occurring:

  • The heart has divided into four chambers

  • Sense of smell is developing

  • Hair follicles are forming

  • And while baby is too small to SEE this development in an ultrasound, genitals are forming