10 Weeks Pregnant

So you’re ten weeks pregnant…


Around this time is when you will likely be talking to your OB about some optional genetic testing. There are more than one option that will test for chromosomal abnormalities, so be sure to speak with your doctor and discuss possible risk factors or family history.

You also may be noticing some new pregnancy symptoms now, though morning sickness and fatigue are still common during this time. Here are some other symptoms you might be experiencing:

  • Your body is already beginning preparations for breastfeeding, so you may have noticed growth in the size of your breasts. Unfortunately, that’s also usually accompanied with some tenderness and discomfort.

  • With your abdomen stretching to accommodate your growing uterus and shifting organs, you may notice some round ligament pain. For some it may feel more like sharp jabs, while others will notice it as more of a deep stretching feeling in their lower abdomen/pelvis.

  • Visible veins. Your body is busy carrying blood not only to your body, but baby as well. It’s hard at work, and you may see that in more noticeable veins!

Baby’s Development

In your tenth week of pregnancy, baby is the size of a strawberry! Baby measures about 1.2 inches long and 0.14 ounces and will nearly double in length in the next three weeks.

Your baby has a fully developed heart, and it’s pumping away at roughly 180 beats per minute, which is two to three times the speed of yours.

And baby’s body parts have continued to develop and more resemble the baby he/she will be when outside the womb, with the webbing between fingers and toes having disappeared and the arms and legs being able to rotate at the shoulder and hip joints.

Baby’s eyelids are fused shut at this point, and will remain that way until the end of the second trimester.