11 Weeks Pregnant

So you’re eleven weeks pregnant…


You know the drill. You’re still in the thick of the first trimester (but the end is in sight!), so your pregnancy symptoms may still be plaguing you.

Gas may be something you’re unaccustomed to, though, so you may need to keep track of your diet to know how the food you’re eating is affecting your tummy. Be sure you’re drinking lots of fluid and eating fibrous food!

And if this is not your first pregnancy, don’t be surprised if you’re already sporting a baby bump. It’s as if your body is saying, “Been there, done that, let’s do this.” Don’t hesitate to break out those maternity pants and enjoy the elastic-waistband life!

Baby’s Development

In your eleventh week of pregnancy, baby is the size of a lime! Baby measures about 1.6 inches long and 0.25 ounces in weight.

Baby’s veins and arteries are forming, which you would be able to see through the translucent skin, but the skin is already on its way to becoming more opaque.

Baby has a 1-to-1 ratio of head-to-body size, but the face is becoming much more familiar and much more “baby-like.” The mouth is already almost fully formed and baby’s facial features are continuing to be more fine-tuned.

Baby is kicking, stretching and moving up a storm, though you aren’t feeling those movements yet. (If you’re feeling anything, it’s probably that troublesome gas!) And because baby’s diaphragm is strengthening, he or she may have started hiccuping int here. And in a few short months, you’ll be feeling all of those surreal feelings—the kicks, rolls, and hiccups.