6 Weeks Pregnant

So you’re six weeks pregnant…


Baby’s Development

In your sixth week of pregnancy, baby is the size of a pomegranate seed! Baby’s growth is continuing to double and now measures .25 inches, and that doubling rate will continue during this week.

Baby is beginning to develop facial features already, including depressions where the nostrils and ears will be, darker spots where the eyes will be formed, and the tongue, jaws and neck are also being created.

Baby may even start some wiggling of the arm and leg buds, which are now growing some muscle and bone tissue. And baby is also covered in such a thin layer of skin that it’s translucent.

By the beginning of this week the heart should have begun beating and would be visible with a transvaginal ultrasound. The heart will be pumping at roughly 100 beats per minute. But if you have an ultrasound and don’t see a heartbeat yet, don’t panic. You may be earlier in your pregnancy than you anticipated and may just need a follow-up appointment to measure for growth.