Maybe you didn’t plan on being pregnant at this stage in your life. Maybe it’s difficult to see a path forward when you have a lot of very valid concerns about what it will look like to raise a child. Be comforted: There isn’t a parent in the world that felt ready—even in the best of circumstances. Your fears don’t mean you can’t be a wonderful parent to your child. There are a lot of big responsibilities and changes that come with being a parent, and there are so many wonderful joy-filled moments that come along with parenting too.

In terms of parenting, you might be thinking…

  • How will I afford this?
  • I’m too young.
  • I’m scared to tell my family.
  • Will I be able to finish school?
  • Will I have to do this on my own?
  • Who can help me do this right?
  • Where will we live?
  • How will I know how to be a good parent?
  • And more…

All of these are absolutely valid concerns!

We are here for you. We would love to walk alongside you as you process those fears. We can offer solutions, encouragement, classes, education, services, and resources to help your pregnancy and parenting decision. All of our services are confidential and free.


Our support continues beyond that initial appointment at First Choice Health Services. We’re available to meet with you throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey, offering encouragement and resources along the way.

For example, our prenatal and parenting classes can be a great benefit to help you prepare for becoming a parent. Classes are available beginning in the first trimester all the way through your child being 18 months old, and topics range from what to expect during pregnancy, how to prepare for labor and delivery, what to do if your baby is sick, and more. And participation in this program earns you material resources (like diapers, wipes, clothing, formula, and more).

We would love to meet you. Schedule your free appointment and let’s talk.